Allalinhorn • June 15, 2017

Ethan and Rachael came over for a grand tour of Europe, and made time for an ascent of Allalinhorn with Kathy. Mark came along as photographer.

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The weather was forecast to be quite uncertain, but it looked like we would have a bit of a window to get it done, and in fact we did. Skies clearing partially in the early morning.


The previous night had been rainy and warm, so we had sloppy snow conditions and tremendous HEAT in the sun, so were glad of the partial cloudiness.



Rachael works on her tan! Not really the way one expects to have to dress on the glacier!


Near the summit, clouds look threatening.


Nearly there now.


A brief pause before the top.


The final steps ...


And it's done, bam! A first alpine summit, hopefully not the last.


The clouds stayed kind on the descent, cooling without threatening. A great first glacier ascent! We hope Ethan and Rachael will be back to the Alps soon.

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