Salima, 10 days of Alps climbing • August 23 - September 1, 2016

Salima, as if to make up for the poor weather of 2 years ago, climbed nearly every day of her 10 days spent in the Alps this summer. Her visit coincided with some of the best weather and conditions of the summer.

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Chamonix area, July 2014

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On our first day, we climbed three small routes from the Aiguille du Midi: The Traverse of the Pointes Lachenal, Arête "Lolo", and the Arête des Cosmiques.


The second rappel off the middle summit of the points Lachenal.


Arriving at the top of the crux section of the third Lachenal point.


On the Arête des Cosmiques.


Looking up at the last rock tower of the Cosmiques. The belayer is a the small stance at the top of the crux slanting crack.


Salima with her hands in the slanting crack.


On day two, we climbed the Dent du Géant.


Looking down on the Burgener Slabs on the Dent. Since we were climbing in the afternoon (planning on staying in the Torino hut for the night) we enjoyed the warmth of the sun on what is normally a chilly climb.


On the summit of the Dent du Géant.


After a night in the Torino hut, we climbed did a traverse of the Aiguille d'Entrèves. Salima on the summit.


The final traverse off the highest point, to start the descent.


With good frozen snow conditions, we continued up over the Aiguille du Toule via the NW Face.


On Day 4 we drive to Zermatt and hiked into the Hornli hut, at the foot of the Matterhorn. The weather and conditions were both perfect.


7 in the morning at the Solvay hut.


And on the summit, looking west.


The view to the east from the summit of the Matterhorn.


Salima on the summit. Stretching, or perhaps trying to get better mobile phone reception?


Downclimbing on the Matterhorn.


We returned to Chamonix the evening of our Matterhorn climb. But with excellent weather continuing, we did a fun rock climb in the Aiguilles Rouges on day 6. Salima on Cocher-cochon.


The Clocher de Plampra. The final 6a pitch of Cocher-cochon follows the right skyline.


Another team on the second to last pitch.


The following day, our 7th, we did another route in the Aiguilles Rouges, Gaspard 1er.


Pointe Gaspard. Mouse over the image to see the line.


And day 8. The Pyramid du Tacul. Mouse over the image to see the route.


Cloudy weather on the crest as we cross the glacier to the Pyramid.


Salima at the exit of the crux pitch on the Pyramid.


Looking down on the belay at the end of the 5th pitch.


On the summit of the Pyramid.


The rappel descent.


In late season this transition from rock to glacier is always a bit difficult.


After our climb of the Pyramid, we walked back to the Cosmiques hut for the night. A lovely sunset from the hut.


Our plan was to climb the Contamine-Grisolle route on the North Face triangle of Mont Blanc du Tacul. Mouse over the see the route.


Salima in the entrance gully.


Higher on the route.


Almost to the top of the Triangle.


Looking across at the Aiguille du Midi.


On our last, and 10th day, we climbed a route on the NW side of the Aiguille du Peigne called Lépidoptères. Mouse over to see the line.


The climb features cracked slabs and corners.


Final on the last pitch, we arrive in the sun.


Not wanting to leave the warmth of the sun, we climbed the last two pitches of the Papillons ridge before heading down, and back to Chamonix.

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