Mike Riley in Switzerland • July 26 - 29, 2016

Mike, from Washington State, spent a good month in Europe this summer. And all together too brief part of that was climbing in the Alps. Our initial goals included the Mönch, Jungfrau and Eiger. We were partly successful in achieving them, but some poor weather and new snow require a modification in plans.

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Day one, on the Mönch. Starting from the valley on the Mönch, always puts a bit late in the day. And on this very hot day, the snow had turned to much by the time we were high on the peak. Fearing poor conditions on the exposed summit ridge traverse, we called the rocky section at 2/3 height our "summit".


Downclimbing the short but slightly tricky section just above the glacier.


On our second day, despite a fickle forecast, we had a bit better luck on the Jungfrau. Here we are, at about 3500 meters, 5:30 in the morning.


Sun up at 6:20.


Arriving at the Rottalsattel. The weather was looking a bit dubious, but as we obtained the saddle proper, we could see more blue sky to the west, and nothing particularly threatening.


Higher on the peak, the weather improves.


Mike on the summit of the Jungfrau.


Another team arrives. The view to the southwest.


We descended to Kleine Scheidegg for the evening.


Sunrise over the Wetterhorn from Kleine Scheidegg.


Our hopes to climb the Eiger, were set aside in the face of the new snow that had fallen overnight. The view of Kleine Scheidegg with the Jungfrau behind..


Getting artsy...


So, on to plan B. The Sustlihut and a rocky climb of the Trotzigplangstock.


Mike taking hie ease at the very comfortable Sustli hut.


This is a great hut, with a large number of fun objectives. Very comfortable, welcoming and with a relatively easy and short approach.


The Trotzig is a small rocky peak with a very fine South Ridge. Good rock, not too hard, but exposed and interesting climbing.


Traversing one of the many towers.


The final pitch to the summit.


Almost back to the hut on our way down. The Sustenspitze and Gwächtenhorn behind.

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