Ortler, Italy ski tour • March 21 - 27, 2016

We had the great luck to return to the Ortler region this year with a super group of people, and we had pretty decent weather, too!

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From left to right: Alex, Mark, Miguel, Dan, Gerrit, Kimber, and Marco. As usual, we began our adventure from the top of the Sulden ski area. In gorgeous sunshine!


From the Marteller hut, we had a good afternoon's skin up toward the ridge.


And found a great "powder stash" on the way down!


The snow was pretty good.


We even managed to find bits of blank canvas to sign our names in.


Heading back to the hut at dinner time, we scared up a small family of chamois.


A little more side stepping, and...


... we're back at the hut well in time for dinner.


The next morning we got an early start.


We gave ourselves enough time to tag the summit of Cevedale on our way to the Branca hut, and to judge by this photo, enough rope to hang ourselves!


The airy summit ridge of Cevedale.


Dinner at the Branca hut.


On day 3, we headed up to Tresero.


The ever moving, ever changing lower extreme of the glacier presents unique photo opportunities.


Skinning up higher on the glacier, we can see evidence of good snow conditions the day before.


Our peak is in view.


After a very cold skin up, we reach the summit ridge at last.


And the summit itself.


For the most part, the snow was not as good as it looks! (but I guess I didn't need to admit that). Luckily everyone is an expert skier and can handle the conditions.


Miguel working the natural half pipe of the lower gullies on the descent.


On day 4, we needed a slightly shorter and easier day. Sadly, Dan came down with a sudden and worrisome case of pneumonia! He, Kathy, and Marco (kindly serving as translator and easer-of-ways) descended to Sondalo for a visit to the clinic, and ultimately an early departure home for Dan. The rest of the group headed up toward San Mateo with Mark.


Very open glacier conditions.


Some very fine snow on the north facing aspects still!


Day 5 saw us heading up toward the Pizzini hut in worsening light.


The lovely Pizzini hut!


Our afternoon jaunt took us to a small summit above the glacier, as the snow began to fall.


Wartime ruins along the ridge.


And back by the fireside to warm up before dinner.


The morning of day 6 was not as perfect as we would have liked for our plan A of climbing Gran Zebru, instead we decided to concentrate on getting as much vertical skiing as we could.


Heading up toward the southern Zebru Col.


The wind and clouds gradually diminishing.


A very nice descent down the other side, with some great snow!


And on... and on...


We skinned up to another col along the Forni ridge.


Quite a long way up!


At the ridge crest, surprisingly calm air and warm sunshine.


And another long descent back into the valley.


One last climb up to the northern Zebru col, and we're more than ready for our last descent into the hut.


Our final morning again dawned clear and sunny. Sad to say goodbye to the Pizzini hut.


Up the ridge to the Cassati hut.


As usual, we decide on a short break for pastries and coffee.


Today, it's capuccino and apple pie!


But in the end, we have to descend to the valley. A long, "skier pisted" descent from the Cima di Solda has our legs properly worn out. A great week, with great people. Thank you all for joining us.

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