Jen and Todd Bausch, Jungfrau, Saas Fee and Zermatt climbs • July 20 - 28, 2015

Todd and Jen, of Connecticut, joined Mark for a busy 9 days of climbing. We started with an attempt on the Jungfrau, but were thwarted by unusually warm weather and a poor nightly freeze. Then, continuing on to Zermatt and Saas, we enjoyed several excellent climbs.

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In this photo, we are descending from our attempt on the Jungfrau. Though the day was beautiful, the freeze was poor and the rapidly rising temperatures brought fears of cornice collapse and rockfall. We retreated.


Descending the tricky bit of ice between the bergschrund and the rock, at the base of the peak.


Exploring crevasses on our way back to the Jungfraujoch.


We continued on to Zermatt. Our first objective was Pollux, then a night at the Ayas hut before the Breithorn Half Traverse and return to Zermatt.

Mouse over the image to see the route on Pollux.


Climbing on Pollux.


On the summit of Pollux.


We spent the night in the Ayas hut, and then climbed the Breithorn Half Traverse.


Climbing on the Breithorn.


Jen finds the key handhold on one of the trickier parts of the Traverse.


At the end of the rock climbing.


And, finally on Breithorn's highest summit.


Looking back to the east from the Breithorn. Liskamm is the big double-summited peak on the right, and the peaks of Monte Rosa on the left.


Starting just off the Breithorn with the Matterhorn poking through the cloud.


Our plan was to conclude our week with a climb of the Matterhorn. In order to maximize our readiness we decided to take in a bit more rock climbing. This is Kante, on the Riffelhorn.


Todd, on Riffelhorn's summit.


The next two days were spent in the Saas valley, climbing the Dri Horlini and the Weissmies.

Hiking up to the Almageller hut.


At the hut, with the Dri Horlini behind.

Mouse over to see the ridge traverse.


Todd climbing on the Dri Horlini.


With a rainy night, all bets were off for the Weissmies. Even at our wake up time of 4 am, it was still raining lightly. However, the forecast was good, so we carried on. It cleared wonderfully.


On the South Ridge of the Weissmies.


Higher on the peak we encounter the new snow of last nights precipitation.


The final snow ridge was very pretty.


Looking back at another party.


On the summit of the Weissmies.


And descending the rather messy north-side glacier.


We returned to Zermatt, and saw the "light show" part of the 150th first ascent anniversary celebrations this year.


Wanting to do a bit more rock before our climb, and also to give the new snow a little more time to melt, Todd and Mark did another route on the Riffelhorn, this on called Egg.


Todd on Egg.


Back in town, one can't resist one more photo of the Matterhorn.


And finally, on our second to last day, it is up to the Hörnli hut.


The next day was perfect, though the route was quite busy.


A crowded Matterhorn summit.


Finally we get a few seconds to ourselves. Todd on the summit.


Just beginning our descent.


About halfway down, passing by the Solvay hut.


And a last walk back to Schwarzsee and the valley.

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