Haute Route Glacier Trek Part Deux: The Gorge Adventure! • July 29, 2014

I moved these shots to their own page, as they deserve it, I think! Thanks to Mary for getting so many more shots than I could.

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Slippery rock above rushing water, what could be better?


Oh, a Tarzan swing above rushing water, that's what.


Yeehaw! (Mary White photo)


How about a little slippery log, scarecrow? (Mary White photo).


We're definitely having fun now (Mary White photo).


At the exit of the narrow slot canyon near the end of the line...


We survived it! (Mary White photo).


No, these are not BOTH for Kathy. Nothing like a warm light-filled pizzeria at the end of a wet day. (Mary White photo)


Parting shot, during a lull in the rain (Mary White phot0).

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