Mont Blanc with Miriam Richards • August 22 - 24, 2013

Miriam Richards came to Europe for an extended trip. At the end of it, she attempted Mont Blanc with Kathy. The weather did not cooperate! But we got some adventure out of it nevertheless.

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On our way up to the Tête Rousse hut, the ibex are not shy!


On day 2, we arrived at the new Gouter hut, shown here over Miriam's shoulder as we make the final approach.


After settling in and a bit of a rest, we went out along the ridge for a photo session in the afternoon clouds.


The view across to the Aiguille du Midi.


View of the hut, awesome perch!


Another view. So imposing.


Drying gear while the sun shines. A little detail of life in a high mountain hut.


Miriam checks out the "spitting distance" to the glacier below. It's a long way down....


Sadly, our summit day was not to be, as storms were forecast for early in the day, and expected to dump a lot of new snow in addition to being quite electric. As we got up in the morning, the skies were already quite exciting with clouds. So we prepared to head down. This is the breakfast scene at the Gouter hut on this rather quiet morning. A lovely dining room!


The first signs of the brewing weather as we leave the ridge.


The skies are quite threatening as we near the bottom of our descent of the Gouter ridge.


This eerie light is not photoshopped! No more pics, as we got slammed very shortly after this by wind, hail, rain, thunder, lightning, and ... well you name it! It was escape to the train time, as fast as we could! But we made it down to tell the tale. Such is life in the mountains sometimes!

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