Joel and Justin, 3 days in the Mont Blanc Massif • June 22-24, 2013

Justin and Joel, joined Mark for 3 days of climbing in the Mont Blanc area. Though the weather was "interesting" we managed to avoid getting wet, and even had a fair bit of sunshine.

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We started with a traverse of the Points Lachenal. Roll over the image to see the route.


A very busy day on the Lachenal. With conditions limiting options we had to share what existed with quite a few other alpinists. But the weather was fair this day, so a bit of waiting was not such a bad thing.


Looking up at the rocky point of the last Lachenal summit. Mont Blanc du Tacul behind.


After a fine traverse of the Lachenal summits we finished the day with the Arete des Cosmiques. Roll your mouse to see the route.


Climbing on the Arete des Cosmiques.


For our second day we chose a Traverse of the Aiguille d'Entreves.


Looking up at the Entreves from below the NW Face.


The upper part of the ridge.


Other climbers on the ridge. This was taken on the approach and shows the same ridge section as the previous photo.


Exposed climbing on the crest.


Justin, looking relaxed.


The walk back to the lift, mostly in the cloud.


With a cold and rainy forecast Chamonix for the next day, we opted to dash through the Mont Blanc tunnel into Italy for a bit of rock climbing. Diretta al Banano, 9 pitches.


Gearing up at the base. Shorts and T-shirts all day long.


Justin on typical Machaby rock.


Joel on one of the final pitches.

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