The end of the ski season, Le Buet • June 18, 2013

The hot weather of the last few days simply forced us to get up out of the valley. Even in Chamonix, temperatures climbed up over 32 degrees (90 F!) on this, the toastiest day so far this year.

But, oddly enough there was still quite a bit of snow in the mountains, the result of an amazingly fat winter and spring. So, Kathy and Mark made one last tour of the 2013 season, skinning up Le Buet, a peak at the head of the Berard valley, not far from our home.

Le Buet, also known as the "Lady's Mont Blanc", though not particularly steep, is indeed pretty big, and from car to top requires a climb of about 1700 meters (5570 feet).

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Even with a reasonably early start, the air was warm, great for hiking in shorts. The car park, down just below the Cascade de Bérard was about 1400 meters in elevation.


Finally, at about 1700 meters, we could pull out the ski boots and start skinning. Aah, the pleasures of a light pack.


Continuing our upward skin with the Aiguilles Rouges behind. We're about 2200 meters here, 900 to go.


Looking across to Mont Blanc, the summit hidden in cloud.


Almost there, the very rounded summit.


Lunch and a bit of rest on the summit. Even at 3100 meters, it is still fairly warm.


The snow was a bit heavy and slushy, but skiing is always fun.


Continuing down. The Col de Belvédère behind on the left.


Local residents, next to the trail.


And finally, down into the valley heat.

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