A few photos from this last week • January 9 to 16, 2013

It has been an exciting week in the Kathy and Mark household. We both had visits to the dermatologist in Annecy, for a check of the old hides (thumbs up). Mark's has been nursing a head cold, just now becoming history. We sent out a very brief email update to our spring touring schedule. And spent way too much time listening to "fiscal cliff", "debt ceiling" and "gun control" news. And last night, just for an extra dose of fun, we even gave blood at the local blood drive!

But we also managed a few short forays into the snowy outdoors. Here's a sampler.

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We'll start out on January 9th. This is the first, and to tell the truth, the only time yet this season where we put on skins. The Brêche de Bérard in the Aiguille Rouge. In spite of the lack of new snow for the last few days, we found great powder on the descent. Here are another couple of skiers enjoying the same tour. We are looking west towards Megeve and the Aravis mountains.


And then on the 11th it really started to snow. In fact, our shopping trip to the local grocery had to be made on foot, as we feared the car would have trouble in the deep new snow.


Looking up on our way to the Super U.


And on the 12th.... Ah so nice. Our first Vallée Blanche of the season. Deep, deep snow on the Petit Envers. Almost too deep really. (But not quite).


The short walk up to the buvette before the final whoop-di-doos on the trail into Chamonix.


On the 13th, we skied a couple laps on from the Plan de l'Aiguille, one down the Combe de Glaciers and the other on the Pré du Rocher side. But we only have movies of this. Perhaps if I have a few more moments tomorrow I'll put a short video together.

But, on the 14th another lap up the Vallée Blanche, this time down the Grand Envers route.


It was unbelievably quiet. Other than at the very top, and the very bottom, we didn't see another skier. A perfect day.


And finally, today, the 16th of January. Wanting to make a short day of it, we did the Pas de Chevre from the Grands Montets.

Oh my goodness, it was good. There was a bit of a wind blowing up high, but it seemed to be just above us at the top station, and on the way down the snow was light and deep.


Considerable hazard today. But in general this part of the world, at least felt pretty stable.


Kathy coming into the upper bowls.


And much lower, but no less fun.


The view back up tot he Drus, with plumes of snow, blowing off to the southwest.

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