Karl Kappler and Joel Nyquist on Mont Blanc • August 11 - 13, 2012

Joel Nyquist and Karl Kappler, Yanks living in the UK, made a quick trip to the Alps with Mont Blanc in mind.

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Joel on the left and Karl on the right.


On our first day, we made a leisurely walk up to the Tete Rousse hut. With the closure of the train to the Nid d'Aigle, we took the climbers route from Mont Lachat. With newly installed chains, ladders and other aids, this route is now much safer and enjoyable. (Though we still chose to don helmets).


The ibex in this area are quite used to humans.


Somebody has a sense of humor. The Tete Rousse hut.


Buddhist prayer flags at the Tete Rousse hut.


Looking up at the route below the Gouter hut. After all-too-little sleep at the Tete Rousse hut, we woke for a 1:30 am breakfast and climbed this section by headlamp.


Sunrise greets us at the Vallot emergency bivouac hut, 4350 metes.


Looking east towards Mont Maudit shortly after dawn.


A view of the route from the 4300 meter level to the summit, at 4810 meters. Mouse over for the line.


Looking down the Bosses Ridge, not too far from the summit.


And finally, on the summit of Mont Blanc.


Several hours later, we pass by the newly constructed, but not yet open, Gouter hut. We had a reservation at the old Gouter hut, but finding ourselves there by 11 in the morning, we decided to head all the way down to Chamonix for the night.


With an extra day on our hands, we made an ascent of the South Ridge of the Aiguille de l'Index.


Looking back at the Index from a bit lower on the descent. Mouse over to see the line of the rappel.


30 meters of steep rappel, a bit of scrambling and we are back at the lift.