Rich Dickerson on the Gran Paradiso • July 31-August 2, 2012

Rich Dickerson took time off to come from Los Angeles, over to the Alps to climb the Gran Paradiso with Kathy.

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Rich on the Petit Flambeau on a lovely summer day.


We began by acclimatizing up on the Géant glacier. Riding the "panoramic" between the Aiguille du Midi and Pointe Helbronner.


Halfway across the scenic ride.


The views from the Petit Flambeau; down the Mer de Glace (snaking away in the left distance), over to the Aiguille Verte and Les Drus.


After our acclimatization day, we headed up the trail to the Gran Paradiso. A family hiking with mules passes us along the trail.


Our first view of the Gran Paradiso, and our route which goes up on the right to the low point, then spirals around the back to the pointy top.


Flowers along the trail: Eyebright.


And bearded bellflower.


A great viewpoint for relaxing in the sun above the Chabod hut.


The next morning is an "alpine start", soon after our 4am breakfast.


We were rewarded for our puncuality by a full moon, just setting here in the first light of dawn.


Fellow climbers catch the sun as they near a glacier ridge.


It's feeling much warmer as we reach the ridge ourselves.


Just another 1000 feet or so to go now.


And we made it! As great luck would have it, we enjoyed solitude during our brief time on top.


Beginning the airy traverse back along the summit ridge.


It was a beautiful day on a beautiful peak. Thank you, Rich!