Grant Carnie, Roger Flahive with Kathy and Mark • August 7-12, 2011

This is the second page with photos of Grant and Roger's Alps 2011 climbing adventure. Here, we have pics of the six days climbing our two heroes spent with Kathy and Mark.

For images of Roger's three days of climbing with Mark prior to these six, click here. For Grant's four days after these six, click here.

Our original plan for these six days was to complete the "Spaghetti Tour", the high traverse of the Monte Rosa group on the Swiss-Italian border. Unfortunately, Mother Nature intervened, dishing up some nasty weather and forcing an alternate plan.


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And now for introductions... From left to right we have Lager, Grant, Weissbier and Roger.


The first of our six scheduled days offered reasonable, but deteriorating weather. We did manage to squeeze in some rock climbing in the Aiguilles Rouges, with climbs of the Aiguille de l'Index (shown here) and also a couple routes on the Contrefort de l'Aiguille de la Glière.


Grant on the first pitch of Nez Rouge.


And Roger, looking serious on Mani Puliti.


Mark, Grant and Roger, somewhat more relaxed on the summit of the Contrefort the l'Aiguille de la Glière, about to head down.


The following day was truly nasty, with wind and rain. We used it to good advantage and simply drove to Zermatt. The next day, we spent with a leisurely approach to the Almageller hut, getting into position to climb the South Ridge of the Weissmies.

And finally, on a more or less clear, but very windy and cold day, we climbed the Weissmies.


Climbing up into the cloud as we near the summit.


The descent of the Weissmies is always interesting, winding its way though broken glacier and giant crevasses. The ladder in the upper left corner of the photo was no doubt a relic from a previous year's route.


After our descent of the Weissmies, we continued up to the Britannia hut. And the following day climbed a number of summits, starting with the Hohlaubgrat on the Allalinhorn.

In this photo, Grant, Kathy and the rising sun.


The weather remained windy, and the rock step on the upper Hohlaubgrat was somewhat more "interesting" than usual.


Kathy and Grant on the Hohlaubgrat.


Mark, Roger and Grant on the Allalinhorn's summit, the first of three summits for the day.


With a goal of reaching the Täsch hut that evening, we had to traverse the Feechopf, a fun little rock scramble.


Another party heading across to the Feechopf.


And, just to get us good and tired, we added a climb and descent of the Alphubel's South Ridge.


Mouse over to see the route on the Alphubel.

Looking back up the route on the Alphubel.


The Rimpfischhorn, as seen from the summit of the Allalinhorn. This was our last peak of the three-day hut-hoping outing.


Here's another view of the Rimpfischhorn. Mouse-over to see the route.


Sunrise on the Matterhorn.


The upper bastion of the Rimpfischhorn.


Kathy and Grant, near the top of the climb. Behind is laid out the entire Monte Rosa Group.


The airy final ridge of the climb on the Rimpfischhorn.


Roger and Grant on the summit.


We descended all the way down to Zermatt after our climb, for a good night's sleep and fine pizza dinner. With one more day of climbing on the schedule, we tackled the Half Traverse of the Breithorn.

In this photo we are on our approach to the climb. The two main peaks are the east and west summits of the Liskamm.


Roger on the Breithorn Half Traverse.


Looking back down on a party of two, approaching the start of the rock climbing.


Grant and Kathy on the final rock step on the Breithorn.


And arriving on the Breithorn gentle summit.