Haute Route Glacier Trek • July 24-30, 2011

Kathy's summer Haute Route Glacier Trek was a great success again this year. She was joined by 6 strong trekkers and climbers who quickly became a tight-knit group of friends.


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From left to right are Brian, Edouard, Anna, Molly, Paul, and Jan. As you can see, conditions were wintry for the start of our week. Snow fell to below 2700 meters the night before we began walking!


Our shake-down afternoon on the Tour Glacier was spent mostly in thick fog with lightly falling snow.


Heading out from the Albert Premier hut on day 2, the Aiguille du Chardonnet looks lovely in its coating of new snow.


High clouds and a rather chilly wind were the only inconvenience.


Settling in at the Orny hut, day 2.


We had another squally day as we ascended the Otemma Glacier on day 4. Looking down the glacier as we approach the Col de Charmotane.


A good night's sleep in the Hotel Kurhaus in Arolla was what the doctor ordered for sore feet and sweaty bodies! The gardens of the hotel beckon.


On day 5, we finish the arduous day's walk to the Bertol hut on the steep ladders.


Day 6 dawns beautifully clear, the cold stormy first days are quickly forgotten as we leave the Bertol hut behind.


Our route takes us along the Mont Miné Glacier past the Têtes de Bertol as the sun rises.


Approaching the Tête Blanche, the Têtes de Bertol behind.


From the summit of the Tête Blanche we get our first up-close views of the Matterhorn, rising up above the valley clouds.


The Dent d'Hérens looks deceptively close as we work our way down the moraines below the Stockji.


A couple of hours of boulders and talus, and voilà! At last the Schonbiel hut comes into view.


Day 7, our triumphant march into Zermatt. The valley clouds are above us this time! Pausing to admire the cloudscape.


Fluffy sheep move reluctantly out of our path as we approach the hamlet of Zmutt.


A nice "second breakfast" (or early lunch?) at Zmutt keeps us going the last few kilometers down to the "flesh-pots" of Zermatt.