Marta Michalska in and around Chamonix • July 8 - 10, 2011

Marta Michalska came over from London for a weekend in Chamonix, and found Kathy free to do some climbing.

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They started out with a day on the classic Traverse of the Crochues ridge. Marta here on the approach march, wth the Verte, Drus and a bit of the Grands Jorasses visible across the valley.


Sections of this exposed and airy ridge call for a bit of "à cheval" scootching. Mont Blanc behind starts to pick up some of the afternoon cloud build-up that was forecast on this day.


Marta pauses for the shot on one of the towers about halfway along the ridge.


A curious, or hungry, alpine chough eyes us as we eat lunch. Looking warm and comfy in the wind with his puffed-out feathers.


Our descent from the climb brings us through the holiday paradise of Lac Blanc. Plenty of people are out enjoying the day. We stop in at the buvette for some refreshment.


But our break is short-lived as the gathering storm starts to spit rain.


Our next project was to climb the Petite Aiguille Verte, shown here looking dwarfed by the "plain old" Aiguille Verte behind.


Marta claims to be afraid of heights, but you wouldn't know it from the look on her face here!


As usual, we have plenty of company on this climb, but believe it or not, all these people really did not delay us much. Everyone was moving along at their own pace and staying out of each other's way mostly. I did think it looked pretty funny though, like one of those classic Samivel cartoons of alpine climbing!


Among those on this climb were two familiar faces: Mark Houston (left) and Norm Numerof (right). We crossed paths and didn't even growl at each other, much.


Marta gracefully powers through the crux moves near the top.


Tagging the summit, we hurry down before the afternoon thunder showers have time to catch us.


The mists engulfing the Grands Montets lift station as we labor back up the endless stairs...


Marta looking happy about mid-way up the climb.