Mark McGinnes on the Aiguille du Midi • August 31, 2010

Mark McGinnes from Glasgow found himself without a partner but with an excellent forecast at the end of a long climbing vacation on the continent. Finding Kathy free, he joined her for a climb of the Cosmiques Arête.

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Great weather, indeed! Mark readies to exit the tunnel at the top station.


We couldn't have asked for clearer skies.


Light crowds for the season and the weather added to a holiday atmosphere.

A pause early on the route to take in the sun and the views.

Even the famous bottleneck at the rappel on the second tower was relatively tranquil, though as you can see there are folks approaching from behind.

Another party poses for a shot on a particularly dramatic ledge.

Quite snowy conditions made for pretty pictures, and crampons the whole way up.

A party of Swiss climbers ahead of us negotiate a narrow passage.

Heading back onto the shady side...

And the obligatory summit shot,

Before re-joining the holiday hordes in the téléphérique station. Thanks, Mark, great idea, great day!