Chris Robinson on the Arete des Cosmiques • July 24, 2010

Chris stayed on for a day or two after the Haute Route trek, and had time to get in a climb of the Cosmiques Arête with Kathy.

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On the ridge of fear! Chris looks pretty relaxed though.


His brother John came up to see us off, then took the cable car into Italy for a fine cup of coffee.


Getting started on the route, you can see the conditions have suddenly turned wintry after our long heat wave of July.


Chris pulling a muscular move mid-route.


The clouds were in and out this day, and between the mists and the snow-covered conditions we felt a bit frosty from time to time.


Roll mouse over the image to highlight climbers.


The sun did peek out in time for the hard climbing near the top of the route.


Chris pauses to take it in.


Contemplating the crux, and learning from the struggles of the party ahead of us.


Just a hop, a skip and a spooky little shimmy...


Bafff! We're back in the mists. Never mind, what we can't see can't hurt us.... right?


Chris takes the last few steps back up to civilization...


A great view from the platform of what we just did, and of the route up the Mont Blanc du Tacul as well.


Back in time for a farewell dinner, with John. Thanks for lending me your brother for the day! and au revoir until next time.