Hugo Kidston on the Jegihorn • June 21, 2010

While visiting relatives in Sion, Hugo found the closeness of the Alps too attractive. So he scheduled a one-day climb with Mark. The original plan was to climb the Dent du Tsaillon, a rock route on a peak just above the village of Arolla. But recent snowfall (all the way down into Arolla!) made that option not so feasible. Looking for something not quite so high and south-facing, we settled on the Jegihorn, above Saas-Grund.

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Though the forecast kept calling for sunny breaks, we never saw them. The rock was cold and occasionally icy, but still enjoyable.


This is the view we never had – a photo taken years ago. I've included it here to show the routes on the peak. Roll over the image with your mouse to see.

There are (more or less) three technical routes on the South Face: The SW Ridge on the left, Alpendurst in the center and Panorama on the right. We did Alpendurst. The "trail" and normal route of descent is marked in green on the left.

The building in the foreground is the Weissmies hut.


In the morning, the rock looked rather frosty. But for the most part, the smaller holds were snow-free.


The cloud followed us all day, and we never really got those fantastic views we knew were lurking in the mists.


About halfway up the route. Cold hands!


On the summit.