Peter Barry on the Arête des Cosmiques • June 18, 2010

Peter Barry, who calls Connecticut home, was visiting relatives in Nice, France, and decided to get in a bit of climbing. For the few days prior to his arrival, the weather had been decidedly difficult, but on this particular day, we just managed to get above the clouds. Our original plan of the Pyramid du Tacul was covered in new snow, but the Arête des Cosmiques was in fun condition.

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Just as the cable car approached the top lift station, everyone broke out in oohs and aahs, as we climbed up and out of the clouds, and into a beautiful blue-sky day. Here, though in the sun, not far below you can see the mists.


Climbers on the east ridge of the Aiguille du Midi.


Low on the route. The climb was very well covered with snow and ice.


Other groups traversing around the first tower. Mont Blanc was wonderfully clear in the background.


Descending the second tower. The route was fairly busy on this day, largely because so little else was in condition.


About mid-way on the route.


The classic towers of the Cosmiques.


Our lunch spot, just before the crux section.


The view of the lunch spot.


And the final pitch up the ladder to the viewing platform.