Rupert and Charlie in the Vallée Blanche • March 13, 2010

A referral from a friend brought Rupert and Charlie to us for a descent of the Vallee Blanche in mid-March.

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Slippery in downhill ski boots, but well-equipped, the track across the north face of the exit ridge helped disperse crowds descending from the station.


Firm conditions on the middle section of the Petite Envers.


Mark scouts the route through crevasses.


Approaching the Requin hut for "second breakfast".


Below the hut on the cruisy Mer de Glace.


Mustn't forget to stop and enjoy the view.


We find some "whoop-dee-doos" in the now-dry channel formed by surface melt-water streams that reach quite high volumes during the hot summer months.


Checking out some ice caves at the edge of the glacier.


A run through the touristic site of the "Ice Grotto", complete with carved ice sculptures enhanced by technicolor lighting, completed the day.