The Scott-Fuller Family in the Mont Blanc Massif • June 21 - 25, 2009

Matt Scott (Kyajo Ri 2006) and his wife Minx Fuller (Kyajo Ri 2007) brought their kids Lincoln and Julia over to the Chamonix Valley this June for an introduction to the Alps. Both of us (Mark and Kathy) had the pleasure of spending 5 days on instruction, training and climbing in our "stomping grounds".

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Julia in front, her mother Minx, Dad Scott behind the lens, and Lincoln peaking out from behind Minx.


We broke down into "gender groups". Here Mark snaps Lincoln in the frosty confines of the summit gully on the Traverse of Pointes Lachenal.

Despite the sunshine in the first picture on our way up the téléphérique, the weather did not last. By late afternoon, thick frozen mist had come in. Matt wears it well!

Meanwhile... Kathy heads over the Panoramic to Point Helbronner with Minx and Julia. Likewise with them, things start out well...

... and stay sunny and warm for most of our scenic crossing of the Géant Glacier.

But by the time we meet up again with the boys near the top of the climb back into the Aiguille du Midi téléphérique station, we too are engulfed in the fog. Last steps...

On our second day Mark headed up the Cosmiques Arête with Scott and Lincoln.

Plenty of snow on the route, but the weather could not have been better!

Not that is, until the very end. Lincoln climbs the final ladder "pitch" as mists roll in once more.

The Aiguille du Midi top staton complex looking like something out of a science fiction movie or some Middle Earth fantasy.

Meanwhile, on the Mer de Glace, Minx and Julia have some fun with Kathy on the ice playground. Here we are pausing at the top of the hundreds of feet of ladder we must down-climb to the ice. Actually this photo was taken in the sunny afternoon; in our case the fog and rain came early and then dissipated as the day wore on.

Working on the footwork, and trusting Mom.

She likes it! Hey Mikey!

Looks like Minx liked it, too.

Day three saw us all hiking together up to the Albert Premier hut. An unexpected strong and icey wind had us all bundled up for this one. Minx and Julia share stories to shorten the walk.

We passed some contented-looking sheep along the way, huddled together in the sunshine for warmth while their tending shepherd and dogs napped nearby.

Speaking of naps and huddling together for warmth, Julia and Matt have a brief post-picnic snooze.

Up at the hut, it's clear we will not be climbing alone tomorrow!

Clouds and mists play with us again today. Toward evening tantalizing glimpses of the surrounding mountains appear (the Chardonnet, in this case).

The glacier spills down the steep cliffs below the hut, forming beautiful séracs that catch the last evening rays against the already-dark Chamonix valley below.

Julia has brought some treats to share. Hmm, not sure how she feels about pistachio...?

The next morning starts early. The boys head up the Table de Roc spur on the Aiguille du Tour. Here they look across at climbers in the Table de Roc Couloir.

Pausing on the amazingly balanced Rock Table that gives this route its name. Behind, the Chardonnet (right) and the Aiguille d'Argentière (left).

Meanwhile, the gals have headed off to climb the Swiss side of the Aiguille du Tour. The race is on to see who will summit first! (not really).

The sun turns hot as we turn the corner and cross the border into Switzerland.

Not far to the summit, now!

We made it! And we beat the boyzzzz! (but they beat us down!)

On the last day, Mark enjoys great weather once more on the Aiguille d'Entreves with Matt and Lincoln.

Other parties ahead work their way patiently up the impressive summit tower.

Not shown here was patient Grandma, who did her own hiking and exploring while the rest of us were in the hills. It was hard to say good-bye to them all! But our paths will cross again.