Kathy and Mark on the Crochues-Berard day tour • January 21, 2009

Just a January jaunt à deux, one cold and sunny day.

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Skinning up, all alone, the slopes below the Aiguille de Bérard.


Wearing a helmet for once, it helped keep Kathy warm!


Lovely snow encourages us upward.


The views from the ridge leading up to the Aiguille de Bérard are fantastic, and at this time of year, after a heavy snowfall we have the place all to ourselves.


After the ridge, we wend our way over to a "breche" giving access to some steep NE facing slopes down the back side.


In the steep and narrow brèche, a bit of booting is necessary.


No pictures of the descent (which was beautiful, untracked powder most of the way), we were too busy enjoying it. But back at the train, you can see what a heavy snow year this winter was! Days like this, in a place like this, are magic.