Emery Dameron in the Alps • September 8 -14, 2008

Once again Emery Dameron and his wife Martha traveled from their home in northern California for a week of climbing (at least on Emery's part) in the Alps. Unlike last year (see his week of climbing in 2007) the weather this time round was somewhat more problematic, and we had to "weave and duck" to find routes in good condition in tolerable weather. Starting in Zermatt we climbed a couple routes on the Riffelhorn, then continued on to do the Portjengrat above Saas Grund. Then finished with a rather wet climb of the Aiguille Crochues above Chamonix.
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We started with a day on the Riffelhorn, climbing two routes, Kante, and a new one for Mark, Schneefink.


Looking across the Riffelhorn's South Face to climbers another route and Monte Rosa behind.


With some marginal weather in the forecast, we chose another rock route, this one on the Jegihorn. We did a route called "Panorama" on the eastern edge of the South Face.


Emery at one of the many belays on Panorama.


The following day, in rain, we hiked up to the Almageller hut. Our goal was to complete a traverse of the Portjengrat, a big rocky peak, the day after our hut hike. Here, in remarkably hazy weather Emery tightens his boots in preparation for the technical climbing to come.


Here, we are about 4 or 5 pitches up the route, near the end of the first big step.


With rain forecast for the afternoon, we had to move quickly to avoid getting caught out. Reversing this route is quite a challenge. Emery looks calm and collected, however.


Here, we have just traversed past the summit and are threading our way through the towers behind towards the easier descent route to the north. The Weissmies is the big peak behind. In the end we did manage to get all the way down to the hut and partway down the trail to the car before the rain arrived.


Unfortunately, a day and a half of truly nasty weather prevented us from soon getting back into the hills. However, after a wee break we did venture out, enjoying a slightly soggy day on the traverse of the Aiguille Crochues, a fun peak in the Aiguilles Rouges above Chamonix. Views were rather limited.