Mike Starr climbing in the Alps • June 26-30 and July 8-10, 2008

Mike Starr came over from Israel to climb in the Alps. Work and fatherhood having interrupted his earlier climbing career, he was eager to start it up again. He had two groups of dates, June 26-30 with Kathy and July 7 to 10 with Mark.

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We started with a little refresher on the steep ice. Mike tests the limits of one-tool technique.


Good footwork and body position make it do-able.


Heading back to town.


Next they took in the ever-classic Cosmiques Arête in nearly perfect weather.


Somewhat dry conditions for so early in the season, but gorgeous.


Sharing the route with another party on the final pitches to the top.


Day three was the Pointes Lachenal. The weather was a bit more threatening, but still fine.


Pausing for breakfast on the summit.


We then continued over to the Pointe Helbronner before returning to town.


The cable car company posts this warning just in case one doesn't notice one is on a mountain top with un-engineered surfaces!


Joining up with Mark in Zermatt, the next objective was Pollux.Tthe climb goes up the right-hand, rocky skyline near at hand in this photo.


The obligatory climbing aids; here chains make an otherwise dicey and quite slippery slab traverse easier to protect and to move through.


Again enjoying perfect weather on the summit.


The next objective is the Allalinhorn, seen here, followed by a traverse of the exposed and rocky "Feechopf" ridge.


Making quick work of the easy glacier climb, the views from the top are expansive.


The airy Feechopf is a nice way to extend the climb. Mike tests his balance on the ridge crest, and obviously passes the test.


Leaving the glacier after a long descent to Langflue.


Mike's final climb with Mark was the Kante route on the Riffelhorn. The day starts with an ascent to the alpine zone on the Gornergrat train. The views from the station are stunning, needless to say.


Mike pauses partway up the Riffelhorn, with the Gorner glacier and Monte Rosa behind.


Another party on the nearby Eck route enjoys the sunshine.


Mike plans his next moves on the steep but featured "crux".


No problem, soon topping out.


It's a good summit for enjoying views and a pause before heading back down.