Silvretta Ski Tour, Austria • March 21 - 27, 2008

Following our 2007 ski tour in the Silvretta, we were back again this year, with a group of "Cosley and Houston return-ees" all around. Spring 2008 was marked by repeated storms which pounded us during this and subsequent trips, but as you can see, they also made for some good skiing and touring conditions, when we could see where we were going!

Other Recent Trips

The group, from left to right, are: Kathy, Stefan Nagel (Haute Route '06), Susan Lowery (numerous climbing trips since 2001 as well as Haute Route '05 and Ortler '06), David Ries (Haute Route '02 and Ortler '04), Roy Zagieboylo, Susan's husband (numerous climbing trips since 2001, but his first ski tour with us), Fred Larke (Haute Route '05, Ortler '06, and Berner Oberland '07), and Mark (numerous climbing and skiing trips with Kathy since 1979!!!!!)


Day 2 of our tour dawning sunny if not warm, we start out from the Heidelberger hut toward the Jamtal hut.


The storms of recent days had laid down a really nice snowpack!


We took time out for a summit scramble to the Bischofspitze, and views down our descent route.


We enjoyed some nice turns in toward the Jamtal hut.


The following day, visibility conditions were somewhat worse (understatement alert), but we still managed to summit the Hinterer Jamspitze in a cooooold wind!


Back at the hut, we were warmed by afternoon soup and aperitifs (Pssssst, Kathy, 11 across is "Septuagenarian").


The Jamtal hut in bright morning sunshine (disclaimer, it was very far from warm!!!!) as we took our leave on the morning of day 4.


Crossing a high col, we approached the shoulder of the Dreilanderspitze and the ski depot for the summit scramble.


Said scramble, in very wintry conditions, was challenging and fun!


Fred, Susan and Roy near the summit of the Dreilanderspitze.


We ended day 4 at the Wiesbadener Hut, arriving just in time to duck out of the incoming snowstorm.


After waiting out day 5's blizzard with activities in and near the hut, we were happy to see the sun again in the late morning of Kathy's birthday. We headed back up to the Dreilanderspitze for a lap in the wind-boarded snow.


The storms and conditions of the last couple of days prevented us from moving on to the Silvretta and Saarbrucker huts as we had planned. On our last day, this change in plan proved lucky, as we were in a good position for a nice ski run down the Bieltalbach, a narrow valley leading us back to the road at Bielerhöhe. The snow was fluffy and pristine, and the weather just got better as the day went on.


A long and pleasant skate down the road brought us straight to the bus stop in Wirl. A few minutes later, we were just in time for a late lunch back in Galtür!