Kathy and Mark at home before the start of the summer season • June 15-24, 2007

Prior to the start of our summer guiding season, we had a few days to relax and more of less get used to the fact that we are now full-time residents of La Belle France. No more "Freedom Fries" for us, we only eat pommes frites here. In addition to hanging around our Les Houches apartment, we did manage to get out for a couple days of climbing.

Other Recent Trips


June had some tempestuous weather. This was shot from our apartment balcony. It was a noisy night.

This is actually a real photo – no lightening cut-and-paste jobs here. I'll admit to taking about 30 or 40 duds before getting a few that actually had any strikes in them.


Between storms we did manage a day of climbing up in La Chesery, a fine area with many bolted multi-pitch slab routes. Here, Kathy climbs the second pitch of some route who's name escapes me.


Kathy high above Le Tour on the route with the missing name.


Climbers on the Aiguillette d'Argentière. The fun pinnacle is quite close to La Chesery. The villages of Le Tour and Mont Roc le Planet behind.


One evening, June 23 to be exact, we heard a band and the sounds of a brewing party not far from our place. Upon further investigation, we realized that it was the Fête de la Saint-Jean (you know, John the Baptist). Burning things seems to the preferred method of marking this historic day.


Enjoying the warmth of the fire. The Les Houches Mairie (Mayor's office) behind.


The flames grow!


The barbecue stand behind. I like the "no parking" sign in front of the fence.


Dancers and watchers at the Fête de la Saint Jean.


Downtown Les Houches; the Boulangerie Eric Jacquier, the Hotel Beau Site and the church.


Another day out climbing. On this one we explored a new route for us (there are still many). l'An d'Emile is a fun 6-pitch rock climb on the South Face of the Aiguille de l'Index. Good pro, fine rock and a few interesting 6a bits make this a good day's bit-o-fun.


Mark on the first or second pitch.


One of the rare photos of Mark.

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