Nick Kennedy • June 26 - July 5, 2006

For the summer of 2006, Nick Kennedy was the first to join Mark for climbing in the Alps. Nick lives in Japan, so it was quite a journey to the Alps. However, we found good conditions, as warm weather in June brought many good routes into condition early. We started in the Mont Blanc massif, ventured in to Switzerland, and finished again in Chamonix.

Other Recent Trips

Here's Nick, looking rather heroic on our first route, the Petite Aiguille Verte. We climbed the ice face on the left side of the peak and descended the normal route.


Unfortunately, much of the day was in the cloud and we only had tantalizing glimpses of what are normally great views from this route. Here, Nick climbs the snow and ice face not far below the summit.


Next, we decided to do a bit of rock. Climbing in the Aiguille Rouges is always a pleasure as the views across to the Mont Blanc massif are spectacular. This shot shows climbers on the Mani Pulitti route.


A young ibex near the top of the Index chair lift. The Aiguille Rouges is a natural preserve, and the local wildlife is pretty well accustomed to humans.


After our few days in the Chamonix area, we decided to venture into Switzerland, and to the Saas valley in particular. Here, Nick is climbing on the Dri Horlini, a fun rock route done from the Almageller hut.


Also climbed from the Almageller hut is the Weissmies. The best way to do this peak is via a traverse, up the South Ridge (which we are more or less looking down in this photo) and down the normal north side.


With snow conditions slightly better in the Chamonix area, and designs on Mont Blanc, we returned to France. Here Nick climbs the Aiguille d'Entrèves, a fun peak also best done as a traverse. We spent the night at the Torino hut in preparation for the Rochefort Arête the following day.


With an early start from the hut, we arrived at the Salle a Manger with the sun. Climbers below the Dent du Géant.


Looking east towards Switzerland with Monte Rosa in the distance from the Rochefort Arête.


Nick tackles a bit of ice on the Rochefort Arête.


After our climb of the Rochefort Arête, we moved our hut base to the Cosmiques in preparation for Mont Blanc. And the following day we did the Traverse of the Three Summits. In this photo we are looking down to the northeast, and the route up which we have climbed. We are only minutes from the summit.


With a couple days left of our climbing time, we returned to Zermatt, and spent two good days, the first on the Riffelhorn, shown here and the second on the Half Traverse of the Breithorn.


Climbing on the Breithorn. Nick traverse a snow patch early on the route. The Half Traverse is one of our favorite route, interesting climbing, great exposure and rock, and fantastic views.


Nick on the good rock of the Breithorn. Monte Rosa is the big peak behind on the right.

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