Ski Touring near Mount Morrison • Serge Dubovitsky • February 25, 2006

Serge Dubovitsky drove up from the Los Angeles area to enjoy the weekend with friends in Mammoth, as well as do a fine day of ski touring. Conditions on north-facing slopes had remained good for some days, even though the weather had been warm at lower altitudes. We thought that the bowls of Little Morrison and the big hanging valley between Little and Big Morrison would also still hold good powder.

And we were right!

Our plan, and what we ultimately did, was to ski up (and down) Old Man Bowl on Little Morrison, then tour around the back side, climbing to the high pass between Little and Big, then ski north back to Convict Lake. About a 5000' day.

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Kathy and Serge below Little Morrison.


Pausing for a wee snack and drink before the climb up Old Man Bowl.


Almost to the t0p of Old Man Bowl. Big Morrison peeks over the skyline.


The view of Mount Morrison from the top of Old Man Bowl. This photo also shows the pass (on the left) to which we climbed after our descent of the Old Man. We skied down the steep-looking couloir seen here, on generally great snow.


Serge on the descent of Old Man Bowl.


After a fun descent of Old Man Bowl, we skinned back up around the south side of Little Morrison to a pass between the Big and Little peaks of Morrison. Here, Serge and Kathy arrive at the pass.


Looking back at Little Morrison from the "skin-ripping" point. (That's a good thing!) We have almost exactly 1000 meters (3300 feet) of downhill just ahead of us.


Kathy and Serge take a break before the big down.


Here, we have just started the long descent. Serge enjoying the soft snow.


Oddly, Convict Lake had no snow cover. Not being too sure of the thickness of the ice, we poled along staying quite close to the shore. Our car is only a few short minutes away.

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