Palisades • Hooker Hildreth • October 27 and 28, 2005

Back in October, Hooker Hildreth came out to our neck of the woods for a late season adventure into the Palisades. Though there had been some new snow in the high mountains already, it was some weeks prior and we hoped that conditions up high would still be OK, though perhaps a bit chilly.

As it turned out, an unexpected storm arrived and we were forced to admit defeat.

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Hooker and Kathy's packs. One of the joys of Sierra alpine climbing.


Hooker takes a photo up the South Fork of Big Pine Creek. Conditions still look good and the weather was wonderful.


A bit of new snow lingers on the north side of Temple Crag. We had hoped to climb the Venusian Blind Arete, which lies on the far left side of the wall.


I'm not sure what this plant is, but there certainly was a great deal of it.


During the night of our first day, we unexpectedly began to hear gentle snowfall on our Megamid. And in the morning about 6 inches of new had changed our world - and our plans.


Third Lake in the new snow.


And conditions on Temple Crag had change rather dramatically.


So we cooked up our breakfast, watching the storm slowly pass to the east.


Not so good for climbing, but very pretty.


There was naught to do by retreat. Temple Crag in the background.


Perhaps another time.

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