Ice Climbing with Chris Kulp in Banff, Canada • March 20-26, 2005

Once again, Chris Kulp spent his spring break making party ice. He joined Mark for a week of waterfall climbing in Banff. Even though the ski season had been pretty dismal in the Great White North, the ice wee found was great. We had near prefect temperatures (I hate to get cold) and very fat ice.

Other Recent Trips

We started off steep, with a climb of Carslburg Column, near Field. The Column is almost always fat, and this year was no exception. Lots of fun as always. Here, Chris arrives at the belay at the top of the first steep pitch.


Chris after the rappel off Carslburg Column.

While climbing Carlsberg, we could not help but notice how really, really fat the nearby Cascade Kronenbourg looked. Even though it may not look like much in this photo (it is off to the right) normally it looks like rock.


Chris arrives at the top of Kronenbourg.


Rappelling off Cascade Kronenbourg after a great and remarkably easy ascent.


On our second day, we did Guinness Gully, another Field classic. Chris leads up the first pitch of the route.


Continuing our tour of the local classic climbs we tackled Louise Falls. We have climbed this route a number of times, but this was the first that Chris led the entire climb. Here he is on the crux pillar.


And again, Chris leading on Massey's.


"I will be your personal trainer". Chris does a bit of free advertising for The Club in Los Gatos.


Chris and Mark bum a ride into the Ghost in the back of Vince Anderson's truck. Vince and Steve House had been hoping to go in and climb both Sorcerer and Hydrophobia in a day. But with a dead battery, lots of new snow and other obstacles, they settled for the Sorcerer–where we are also heading.


The first good view of the Sorcerer. Impressive ambiance!


Chris traverses into the belay at the top of the first of two final pillar pitches. Steve and Vince took a line on the left side of the route and we stuck more or less to the right. It worked out pretty well for everybody.


On our last day, we thought we would hike up to the base of Sea of Vapors, reputed to be in good shape. But the weather was funky with very high winds whipping snow of the top of Mount Rundle. On the hike in we saw at least two cornices collapse, and heard the constant roar of the wind on the ridge, far above. Fearing wind slab on the approach, we decided to leave if for another day. Professor Falls made more sense, and became our objective for the day.

Sunrise on Mount Rundle from the golf course.


Chris charges up the first pitch.


Cascade Mountain and the Bow River.

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