Ice Climbing with Emery Dameron in Banff, Canada • March 16-19, 2005

Emery Dameron, from San Francisco flew up to Banff to meet Mark for 4 days of waterfall climbing. Though a couple weeks earlier had registered record warm temperatures, it seems as though winter returned just as we started.

Nonetheless, we did some fine classics.

Other Recent Trips

On our first day, we climbed Louise Falls. As it was snowing hard for much of the day, we started in the cave on the right side, sheltered by a giant overhang.


Emery entering the cave at the base of the crux pillar.


With sunny weather in our second day's forecast, we drove up the Icefields Parkway to Weeping Wall. Just as we were packing up our gear for the short walk in, a car a car coming down the highway inexplicably drove straight into the plow of a rather large (and obvious) snow plow. While the car was totaled I don't think the plow sustained any damage at all.

You can see the Weeping Wall in the background.


On the Weeping Wall the ice seemed best on the right side. Here, Emery arrives at the belay on the top of the first pitch.


On day 3 we headed over to the climbs in Field. Carlsberg Column, THE classic grade 5 in the range (according to the guidebook) looked to be in excellent shape, so up we went.

This photo shows Emery rappelling down the steep pillar pitch.


Though out of sequence, here Emery arrives at the first belay half way up the Carlsberg pillar.


On our last day we drove up the David Thompson Highway to Kitty Hawk, another super-classic Rockies Route. Here, we are packing up on the shoulder of a very empty highway.


Walking into the base of the route.


Climbing on Kitty Hawk.


Unfortunately, the weather was remarkably cold and we had a hard time keeping hands and feet up to acceptable temperatures. So after a brief council of war, we decided to descend.

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