Chris Kulp, Lee Vining Ice • January 22 - 23, 2005

In late January, Chris made the long drive over the Sierra from the Bay Area to join Mark for a weekend on the Lee Vining ice. This year, for some mysterious reason, the left flow was much thicker than we have ever seen it before. It is hard to tell if the change is natural of the result of some man-made intervention. But whatever the reason the climbing was great.

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Chris smiles for the camera! I can't recall which route this was.


A look up at the left and center falls. Those of you who know Lee Vining in thinner years will be amazed by the quantity of ice here. Some years this entire thick flow is completely dry.


Chris on the right edge of the left flow.


This, and the previous photo were both taken from the same stance. Kathy was climbing with us this day (and took this photo), hence the second rope. Mark is up above.


Another view of a climber in the middle of the left flow. Amazing!


The last pitch of a route we did on the center flow.


Chris does a bit of free advertising for "The Club" in Los Gatos.

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