Rosi Yule, Alps Alpine Climbing • September 13-14, 2004

Rosi Yule flew over from the U. K. to join Kathy for a climb of the Eiger’s Mittellegi Ridge. The weather was extremely perverse, putting a fresh fall of snow on the ridge the very day after her arrival! We took the train up to the Jungfraujoch anyway, to see what we could do.

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Rosi joins the trainload of sightseers for a view out the North Wall tunnels.


Upon emerging from the train tunnel, the weather was gorgeous, if very windy. We opted to climb the Mönch’s Southwest Ridge; a quite long and technical alternative to the more popular Southeast Ridge. Unfortunately, the challenges of snowy rock and very strong gusty winds, kept me focused on the climbing tasks, and prevented me from getting my camera out until the summit. A shame, because the situations on the exposed and beautifully situated ridge are extremely photogenic and exciting. Sorry! Here, Rosi is on the summit, with the Eiger’s South Ridge in view behind her.


Rosi getting the shots while she can. The Schreckhorn is in the background.


Starting down the southeast ridge descent in the evening light, the wind was mercifully less strong than expected.


Views of the Schreckhorn, Fiescherhorn, and Trugberg, as we approach the Mönchsjoch hut.


Looking down the Jungfraufirn to the Aletschhorn, we can see the first signs that the storm forecast for the following day was taking shape.


Watching daylight fade from the safety of the hut.


The next day was as forecast: pea soup. Heading back to town, we stopped to tour the Jungfraujoch complex, sans views unfortunately.


Rosi looking philosophical; what can you do about it, after all?

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