Dennis Perenyi Alps Climbing • July 2003

Dennis Perenyi came over to the Alps a couple years ago, climbed a number of fun routes with our friend and colleague Mike Powers, and decided he just had to return. This year we based ourselves in Zermatt, with designs on the Matterhorn and other classics. Just about the time of Dennis' arrival in Zermatt a rock tower above the second couloir on the Matterhorn's Hörnli ridge fell of, destroying a section of the normal route and closing the mountain. But the Swiss strict control of all things Swiss, quickly put things to right, altering the route, marking it and equipping the new section with fixed rope (it is a bit harder than it was). So, after a fine climb of the Breithorn's Half Traverse, we went directly up to the Hörnli hut for our climb of the Matterhorn.

Other Recent Trips

Exposed climbing on the Breithorn Half Traverse.


Dennis and Kathy (who joined us for this fun route) on one of the best sections of the route. Monte Rosa and the Liskamm behind.


The Matterhorn and the Hörnli hut. Those of you who are familiar with the Matterhorn will notice how dry it is. Incredibly enough, we did not even need crampons!


The very start of the route from near the hut. The debris from the recent rockfall can be seen as the smear of gray on the snow to the left.


The view back toward the hut from a short way up the hut.


Dennis climbing above the Shoulder. The Weisshorn is the large peak dominating the background.


The view from the summit. You can see how dry the upper slope is. Normally this is nearly all snow.


Dennis on the summit of the Matterhorn.


We took a day off to heal blisters and allow the passing of a bit of unstable air, but also to have a bit of fun in the Gorner Gorge. This is a bit of a cross between canyoneering and a via ferrata, complete with several Tyrolean Traverses, a "King Swing" as well as other amusements. With the warm weather, the river through the gorge was running high!


Balancing on the log. This same log has been here as long as I can remember. It's losing its bark, but hopefully not its bite! (Sorry 'bout that...)


The last bit of the gorge follows an old tourist walkway.

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