Berner Oberland Ski Tour • May 2003

Our last trip during the Alps spring ski touring season was a 6-day outing in the Berner Oberland. We we joined by Paul Farrelle (also on our first Haute Route trip), Marcus Gallie, Mike Miller, Chris Robinson, Steve Wells and Jilli Walsh.

Like our other trips this year, the weather was remarkably clear. While this made it easy to climb ourselves silly, we did not get much opportunity for fresh tracks in bottomless powder. But we did find some good spring snow!

Other Recent Trips

Kathy on the train up to the Jungfraujoch.


We started this tour with a hop over the Louwitor, en route to the Hollandiahütte.


After a good ski down the Kranzbergfirn we cruise on up to the Hollandiahütte for the night.


Steve, Chris and flowers in the Hollandiahütte.


The following morning we click in for a ski up (and down) the Äbeni Flue.


Skinning up the gentle slopes on the way to the Äbeni Flue.


After the Äbeni Flue, we descended back to Konkordiaplatz and the Konkordiahütte. Here we are climbing the many, many stairs (more with each year of glacial recession) to the hut.


From the Konkordiahütte we climbed up and over the Grünhornlücke to the Finsteraarhornhütte. The Finsteraarhorn is the peak behind.


We spent two nights at the Finsteraarhornhütte. The day between Chris, Marcus, Paul and Mike joined Mark for a fun day trip up the Hinter Fiescherhorn, a "4000er" nearby. Jilli, Steve and Kathy made a fine ascent of the "Chamonixspitze" as the local guides call it.


Marcus and Paul on the upper part of the Fiescherfirn, not far from the summit.


Summit photo on the Hinter Fiescherhorn.


the following day we made an ascent of the Gross Wannenhorn, en route to the Oberaarjochhütte.


The whole crew on the summit of the Gross Wannenhorn. Paul, Jilli, Steve, Kathy (in front) Mike, Chris and Marcus.


Clouds threatening at sunset. Looking east from the Oberaarjochhütte.


The Oberaarjochhütte is reached by an exposed but easy route up chains and ladders. Nearly all the huts on this tour have interesting approaches.


Starting out from the Oberaarjoch on our last day. The weather look questionable, but held off for the entire day.


Skiing in the mists on the day out. We descended into Münster over the Galmilicke, a complicated but entertaining descent.


Heading for the train station in Münster.


Springtime in the valley. The church in Münster.

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