Lendenfeld's Hamilton-Berry Route • New Zealand • March 2003

One last climb before we fly home..... We had an assignment for ourselves; go take photos for our upcoming book project. We needed shots from up in the mountains, high on big peaks. And we only had a couple days for the job. Getting up high in a hurry in New Zealand generally calls for a helicopter, so we again contacted Fox Heli Services for a quick flight into the Pioneer Hut. Our hope was to do our photos in one day, then have one more for a final climb.

On a previous trip local guide John Entwhistle had recommended the Hamilton-Berry Rib on Lendenfeld. What a great recommendation! Thank you, John! This is an outstanding climb—never very hard, but with great situations, fine rock and a fine line. It was a fine way to end our time in New Zealand, one that will be sure to keep us coming back.

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Saying good-bye to our pilot and ride in at the Pioneer Hut. Lendenfeld is the peak on the far right.


Lendenfeld Peak with the Hamilton-Berry Rib shown. The descent is down the left skyline.


The Pioneer Hut, our home for two nights.


One pitch up. We started our "attack" just right of the toe of the buttress, the "sideled" (as they say) left onto the crest.


Kathy starts up the second pitch. The third pitch was amazing—a steep, oh so steep, staircase, up a fine wall.


Much higher on the route. The Tasman Sea seen behind.


Higher yet. The gray tower behind was pretty terrible rock, but quickly passed. After the tower the rock again becomes fine, red metamorphosed sandstone, the best rock of the Main Divide.


Kathy on one of the last pitches before the rock runs out into snow.


The last belay.


And a short walk up gentle snow to the summit.


Looking towards Mount Tasman from the summit of Lendenfeld. We had already traversed over Lendenfeld, down this connecting ridge to Tasman when we did the Torres-Tasman Traverse.


Downclimbing the steep snow to Marcel Col on the descent of Lendenfeld.


Looking into a big crevasse on way back to the hut.


The view from the hut's front door, looking west to the sea.

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