Laurie Andrews • New Zealand Climbing • February 2003

Laurie Andrews from Seattle made an all too quick visit to New Zealand this austral summer and spent a week or so climbing with Kathy. They started in the Centennial Hut area (at the same time as Mike and Mark - see photos of that trip) but moved on to make an ascent of Mount Cook by the Linda Glacier route. Perfect weather combined with an unusually high spring snowfall kept Mount Cook in condition for long after its normal season.

Other Recent Trips

Laurie and Kathy on the West Ridge of Aurora, their first climb—the immense Franz Josef Glacier spread out below.


The last steps up to the summit of Aurora.


Looking down on our heroines on the descent down Aurora. We came up the ridge visible here, but descended the easier normal route down and right on the snowy glacier.


Sunset from the Centennial Hut. The peaks of Christie, Halcombe and Von Bulow seen here.


Kathy and Laurie on the NW Ridge of Jervois, their second climb. This is a fun climb over hill and dale. The hut is conveniently close at hand, visible in this photo as the red blob on the left.


Laurie and Kathy descending on Jervois.


Crossing the final easy section of the Minarets, on the way to the East Summit.


Descending from the Minarets. Mounts Cook and Tasman behind.


Looking back up at the route on the Minarets. The line climbs through the crevasse and serac barriers, with about 4 pitches of steep snow before the col. Easier ground (out of sight) leads to the top.


After the Minarets, Laurie and Kathy then caught a fantastic helicopter ride to the Plateau Hut from which they climbed Cook. In this view of Cook and Tasman from the NE, the hut would be out of sight to the left. The ridge coming toward the camera on Cook is the Zurbriggen Ridge, the ridge on which the Linda Glacier route finishes. The Linda Glacier lies to the right of the summit and curves back under it from right to left.


After Cook, Laurie still had a couple days to climb, so we spent one of them rock climbing up the Remarkables. Here Laurie finishes the amazing last pitch of "The Fat Lady Sings at the Circus".


And on our last day of cragging in Wanaka, Kathy and Laurie enjoyed the varied climbing on "Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out", a fun 3 pitch route on the Little Big Wall.


Laurie on the 40 meter free rappel on Turn On.....

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