Tony Zwig Tahoe Area Skiing • December 2002

Tony Zwig flew from Toronto to Reno just in time for the biggest storm of the season. With several feet of new snow and winds clocked in the Reno airport to over 80 miles per hour, finding safe touring was a bit of a challenge. But we managed to both stay out of avalanches and find at least some shelter in among the trees.

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Skiing in the trees near Mount Rose Pass. The day before this photo was taken it snowed heavily. Then, late in the day the temperatures rose and rain fell nearly at timberline. But more snow followed and we were able to enjoy a layer cake of crusts and soft.


A brief foray in the wind as we round the corner into the lee of the ridge. "Sierra wave" lenticular clouds can be seen behind.


And a few hours later, it had already snowed several inches. Throughout the night it continued to snow, maybe twice as much as is seen here. In the morning out little hotel was slow to shovel the lot and we had quite a bit of work to plow our way through the new snow. This is the view from our hotel doorway.


Tony and Kathy on day two.


Skiing alongside Woods Lake near Carson Pass. Even in the wild weather we did a good tour from the Pass, then south, finally dropping down to the lake here. Finally we skied back up through the woods to the pass.

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