Joan Sutherland • Alps Mountaineering • July 2002

Early in the season, Joan Sutherland of Groton New York, joined Kathy for a few days of climbing. They started in the Berner, with ascents of the Mönch and Jungfrau (in mostly white out conditions), them moved on to the Zermatt area, in search of sunnier skies. They found a few breaks in the clouds and managed to get in an ascent of Pollux before the weather closed in again.

Mark tagged along for the Zermatt area climbing and took these photos.

Other Recent Trips

Joan and Kathy (and some other folks) waiting in Brig for the train up to Zermatt.


Every Swiss town needs a big red bear on a bicycle.


Typical Zermatt, under "typical" blue skies.


Joan and Kathy heading for Pollux. The peak on the right is Castor and the two bumps on the skyline center-left are the east and west summits of the Liskamm. Pollux is a bit in front of both Castor and the Liskamm peaks. We climbed the right-hand skyline of Pollux, visible here as a fine rock ridge.


Climbing on the easy middle section of Pollux. On this ascent we were the first climbers on the route that day (and maybe the only). There had been a bunch of new snow during the previous night so the climb had a bit of the flavor of a first ascent.


Kathy pulling on the fixed chains at the start of the crux of the route. The local guides have put these chains in place to make the ascent a bit more accessible to the "common man". Without them, and especially in the ice conditions seen here, climbing the rock without the chains would be difficult indeed.


Joan and Kathy on the summit of Pollux. Unfortunately, the clouds closed in and our views were limited to whatever was within about 50 feet of us.


A break in the clouds on the descent. Down below in the mists is the Guide d'Ayas hut, our destination for the night.


Inside the Ayas hut. They have a good selection of various liquors, and the obligatory (for Italian huts) espresso machine — everything you might need for an extended stay in poor weather.


Kathy and Joan in the hut. Notice the carafe of wine and the crossword puzzle. Luxury indeed.

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