Ishinca Area Climbing, Trip #1 • June 2002

This year we enjoyed two trips to the Ishinca area of Peru's Cordillera Blanca. On the first we were joined by Atlantans Derek Porter and Jim "Woody" Woodward, as well as longtime adventurer and Coloradan, Dick Dietz. Weather was a challenge, with afternoon showers most days, but fortunately it was good when we needed it, such as our summit days on Tocllaraju and Palcaraju Oeste. As always, we were joined by our friend-porter-cook-camp manager-logistics man, and (as Derek says) "secret weapon" Emilio Alvarado.

Other Recent Trips

Laguna Churup and Nevado Churup, Peru

As with many or our trips, we began the acclimatization process with a day hike out of Huaraz. Here is Laguna Churup with Nevado Churup behind. The lake is about 14,700 feet above sea level, and makes a great destination for the day.


Hiking out from Laguna Churup.

Kathy Dick and Derek, hiking out from Laguna Churup. Far down in the valley below, lies Huaraz. The dry Cordillera Negra lies behind.


Callejon de Huaylas and Huaraz

Fields and Eucalyptus groves not far from Huaraz.


Hiking into Ishinca, Vallunaraju

On our second day, we hiked into the Ishinca Valley. Kathy, Woody and Derek enjoy the good trail. Behind is Vallunaraju.


Ishinca Valley Base Camp, Tocllaraju behind

Our base camp in the Ishinca Valley. Tocllaraju is the pyramidal summit in the background.


Aquipo valley

We took two acclimatization days once we arrived at our base camp in Ishinca. On the first we climbed up to about 5200 meters, close to Nevado Ishinca. On the second we hiked up to the pass between the Ishinca Valley and the Aquilpo Valley to the north. Here, Kathy looks over the Laguna Aquilpo. The glacier behind pours off of Tocllaraju and Aquilpo Sur.


Nevado Urus Este

Our third day was spent doing a day climb of Urus Este, a relatively easy route just above our base camp. Dick and Kathy in descent.


Tollaraju High Camp

And then, up to high camp on Tocllaraju. Behind is Palcaraju Oeste, who's right hand skyline, or Southwest Ridge, we climbed later in the trip.


Approaching Toccaraju High Camp

Looking SW from Tocllaraju high camp. The Urus peaks are just out of view to the right.


NW Ridge of Tocllaraju

Kathy and Dick, high on Tocllaraju, not long before the clouds engulfed us. Behind is Copa and the Callejon de Huaylas, the large valley to the west of the main cordillera.


Palcaraju Oeste High Camp

After Tocllaraju, we set our sights on Palcaraju Oeste, a 20,040 foot peak to the south, covered with glaciers. Here we are at high camp.


Climbing on Palcaraju Oeste

Woody struggles up through deep snow on the SW ridge of Palcaraju Oeste. Behind is the headwaters of the Cojup valley.


Palcaraju Oeste summit

Woody and Kathy arriving on Palcaraju Oeste's summit.


Palcaraju Oeste Summit

The summit photo! Derek, Dick, Kathy and Woody pose with Ranrapalca.


Descending Palcaraju Oeste

Descending Palcaraju. The main ridge of snowy peaks in the background are the Cashan group.


Ranrapalca from Palcaraju Oeste

Descending Palcaraju Oeste. We are looking SW toward Ranrapalca. Nevado Ishinca is the much smaller bump on the ridge in front or Ranrapalca.


Tocllaraju sunset

The rosy light of the setting sun on Tocllaraju.


Tocllaraju and Palcaraju Oeste

Base Camp backdrop, with Tocllaraju on the left and Palcaraju Oeste on the right.

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