Berner Oberland Ski Tour • May 2002

This tour was an exercise in extremes. For the two days before the start the weather all over the Alps had been wet, wet, wet. This meant lots and lots of new snow. Even before we took the train up to the Jungfraujoch, there was almost a meter of new snow, with more in the forecast. Our original plan of skiing over the Louwitor to the Hollandia hut needed to be modified. So it was off to the Mönchsjochhütte on our first day......

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The team. Ellie Pryor, David Deuber, Kathy, Elizabeth "Mo" Moceri, and Clark Fox — riding the train up to the Jungfraujoch.


Mo and Kathy, coming into the Mönchsjochhütte in nasty weather.


Ellie serves soup in the Mönchsjochhütte.


On our second day, we skied down the Ewigschneefäld using map compass and GPS, to the Konkordiahütte. That evening it cleared briefly to reveal the Jungfrau, on the left, and the lights of the Jungfraujoch. Unfortunately, the weather clouded up again and the next day was back in the soup.


Ellie and Mo, arriving at the Finsteraarhornhütte on the third day, and our third day of generally poor weather. But...... according to Ursula and Heinz, the hut keepers, better weather was on the way.


Kathy looks for size 39 in the Finsteraarhornhütte.


And the next day was fantastic! Not a cloud in the sky. We skied up the Wyssnollen, just across the valley from the hut.


Looking up the track on the Wyssnollen. The peaks behind are the Schönbühlhorn and the Fiescher Gabelhorn.


Clark, Ellie, Kathy and a mystery person, arriving at the summit of the Wyssnollen.


Mo smiling on the way down the Wyssnollen.


Gluttons for punishment, Kathy Clark and Ellie climb back up the Grünhornlücke for a run down the west side.


The following day, day five, if you're counting, we skied the Gross Wannenhorn, before continuing on to the Oberaarjochhütte for the night. The Finsteraarhorn is see in the background.


Ellie and Clark on the summit of the Gross Wannenhorn. The rocky peak in the back is the Eiger.


Later in the day as we head for the Oberaarjochhütte which lies in the saddle ahead of Ellie and Kathy.


The Oberaarjochhütte is cemented into a rocky cliff above. Here, Ellie and Clark leave skis and climb about sixty feet of ladders to the hut.


The next day we clouded in again. For our exit, we decided to ski east, then down to Oberwald, in the upper Rhône valley We have just crossed the dam of the Oberaarsee and are heading over the ridge to Oberwald. Unfortunately, all the new snow we had was quickly turning to mush, and the descent down to Oberwald, almost 4000 feet, was not easy.


Walking the last bit of road down to Oberwald.


In Spiez, waiting for the train. Mo is ready to go again!

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