Kathy & Mark skiing and ice climbing • February 2002

We went on a little tour in the last days of February, over Kearsarge Pass and into the Rea Lakes basin. Our original hope was to ski to the Palisades, but on the first day we realized we had made a calendar error and didn't have enough time. Probably just as well, we were tired from the start!

The last two photos are back at Lee Vining where Kathy and I joined SP and some friends for a photo shoot for Rock and Ice magazine. We might actually appear in some upcoming issue.

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Kathy walking up the road at the start of the ski to Kearsarge Pass.


Some 5000 vertical feet later, we rip the skins and prepare for the descent into the Rea Lakes Basin.


Kathy cranks the first turn in funky snow. The couloir is 42 degrees, according to our inclinometer. It felt it.


Taking a break near where we spent the night,


Kathy works on the snow hole we called home. After a bit more digging, we layed our skis, poles and avalanche probes over the top, then a tarp, then a bit more snow for insulation, and voilá, a walk-in refrigerator.


Skiing back out the next day. The last of the Rae Lakes before the big climb out.


Above timberline on the ski up and out.


Back at the top of the 42° couloir.


Its almost all downhill from here!


The first turns of the downhill. It started good but quickly went to bottomless mush. Oh well.


The last short skin up to Kearsarge Pass, before the real last downhill to the car.


At Kearsarge Pass, ripping the skins for the last time (that day, anyway).


Kathy starts up the first pitch of the right side of the center falls.



Dave Malconian on the left side of the center falls.

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