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Lee Vining Ice Climbing • January, 2002

Kim McElhinney and Hugh Driscoll joined us for a couple days of fun in Lee Vining. All these pics are from the second of 2 days.

Kim contemplates her next placement.

  Hugh having fun.

Kim on the left side of the Right Falls.

The photo is tilted just enough to give a more accurate representation of how the climbing feels.

 Hugh, having more fun on the center left side of the Right Falls.

  Kathy and Hugh at the belay.

  Kim on the Right Falls.


  Removing an ice screw.



  Kathy leads up the thin start of the Spiral Staircase.



  Kim climbs the last short section in the fading sunset.



  Hugh, at the last belay of the day.



  Packing up for the headlamp descent.

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