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On this page are photos of the trip from Tingri to Base Camp.

Chinese Base Camp. As far as the trucks can take us

Chinese Base Camp and Jobo Rabzang

Kathy acclimating on a short hike above Chinese Base

Strange plants on above hike


Strange plants in bloom. They appear to make their own little greenhouse.

Mani stones on the hike to Advance Base Camp

Sparky, with beer and birthday cake.

Packing and weighing bags for the yaks

Our staff. In front are Pasang and Wongchu, behind are Nima, Pasang and Pemba

Loaded up and ready to go

Rick fords the river just above Chinese Base Camp. The yaks follow behind.

The trek into Base Camp

Intermediate Camp between Chinese Base Camp and Base Camp

Breakfast at intermediate Camp

The trek into Base Camp

The Gyabrag Glacier on the way into Base Camp

Setting up Base Camp

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