Canadian Rockies with Chris Kulp
Abbot Pass and Mount Victoria attempt

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In late June of 2001, Chris Kulp and I spent 10 days climbing in the Canadian Rockies. As is not so uncommon in the Rockies we were chased around by the weather, trying to make the best of the ever changing mix of sun, cloud rain and snow. Here are is one of the climbs we enjoyed.

Hoping to take advantage of a good forecast, we went right up to the Abbot Pass hut, planning on climbing Mount Victoria the next day. The snow was typical of the early season Rockies, that is, soft and wet - good for nice wet snow avalanches.

Unfortunately, clouds at night prevented the snow from freezing, even at these high altitudes and we deemed prudence the better part of valor, and decided to abandon the attempt no higher than the hut itself. We'll have to go back one day.

Lake O'Hara with Glacier Peak behind.


Lake Victoria with Ringrose Peak.

Odaray Mountain from Lake O'Hara.

Climbing up sloppy snow to the Abbot Pass Hut.

The Abbot Pass Hut

Chris contemplates the view from the Abbot Pass.

Stoking the fire in the hut.

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