Canadian Rockies with Chris Kulp
Mount Athabasca, North Face

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In late June of 2001, Chris Kulp and I spent 10 days climbing in the Canadian Rockies. As is not so uncommon in the Rockies we were chased around by the weather, trying to make the best of the ever changing mix of sun, cloud rain and snow. Here are is one of the climbs we enjoyed.

After being delayed for a day by bad weather, we managed to squeeze in this ascent of Athabasca. This is a great climb, about 9 pitches in length with a short but steep crux coming at the end of the difficulties.

Mount Athabasca as seen from the Icefields Center. The summit is the broad and flat looking area centered under the cloud. The North Face route climbs up through the narrow and partly hidden gully in the high rock band just below the summit.


Chris looks on from the Icefields Center.

The view of Mount Andromeda and the Athabasca Glacier from the Icefields Center.

I couldn't resist taking a picture of this sign. Notice the hikers wandering up the snow covered lower glacier.

The "Snow Coach" which for $27 will take you up the lower section of the glacier.

Chris climbs up pitch number 6, or was it 7?. They all seem the same on a big ice face like this.

Ah yes, it must have been number 6.

Climbing in the mists, just after the steep crux section. Though the terrain looks flat from here we are looking down a 50 degree slope.

On the summit.

And the hike down toward the A-A col. Down below is the Athabasca Glacier and I believe you can actually see one of the "Snow Coach" tour buses.

Another group on the descent.

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