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Approaching Illampu Camp I Moving up to Camp I on Illampu. On this trip we made one camp between base camp and High Camp. We are about an hour or two from our camp I. High Camp, still a day away, is in the glacial basin to the right of Illampu. In this photo we are looking west, with Illampu on the left and a small shoulder of Pico Schulze on the right.

Kathy is sporting the yellow look and Leigh McGuigan is in orange/red.


Illampu and star tracks

Illampu and star tracks from Camp I. Up and to the right of the summit you can see the four stars that make up the Southern Cross, the kite-like formation pointing up and left.

Illampu from Sorata

Illampu from Sorata. So strange to look up through the palm trees to high glaciated peaks. Much of what we can see in this image is actually Pico Schulze. The highest points, do, however, belong to Illampu. Ancohuma would be off to the right.


Buildings in Sorata

I have to confess I took about twenty photos of these building in the evening light. The windows seemed like eyes, looking out over the valley. The is typical of Sorata, where this shot was taken. Even in the face of tough living conditions, dirt floors and streets, the Bolivians still have a sense of color (and humor, it seems to me).

Sorata street scene Here is another street scene in Sorata. The low evening light, clear skies and busy streets are too much to resist for an amateur photographer such as myself.

Sorata is undergoing a bit of a gringo renaissance, though you would have a hard time telling from this photo. It has always been a lovely town perched as it is at the edge of the Selva, overlooking a deep valley winding down to the Amazon. Recently, however it has become more well known among foreign travelers, and more an more can be seen here. It is still very unspoiled, and a wonderful place to return to after doing battle on the big peaks above.

Illampu and Pico del Norte from the north Illampu as seen from the drive over to the town of Ancoma. The broad peak on the left is Pico del Norte.

Pico Schulze blends into Illampu, in front and below, to the right of Illampu's summit.

High Camp on Illampu
High Camp on Illampu. In this photo we can see the initial ice face which we must climb to reach the right hand skyline of the peak. From our vantage point here the face looks steep and hard. But on closer inspection we found that it was covered with giant sun eroded steps, and much easier to climb than we had originally feared.
Approaching Illampu High Camp
Dick Deitz and Kathy on the approach to High Camp.


Cooking dinner in Illampu Base Camp

Kathy cooking up dinner at our Illampu Base Camp. Notice the bottle of wine is already half empty! It looks like we are going to have some pasta, with perhaps a salad (I can see the salad dressing and a little bottle of olive oil). Ah, the joys of outdoor living!

On the summit of Pico Schultz
Leigh McGuigan, Dick Dietz and Kathy on the summit of Pico Schulze.

Stone face in Tiahuanacu Strange head carving at Tiahuanacu. I have a fair number of photos of Kathy and a few of Leigh side by side with this lovely visage, doing a pretty good job of imitation. I'm not sure they would appreciate them being on the world wide web, however.

More views of Tiahuanacu.

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