Alps Summer Guiding Fees

Summer 2019 Private Programs*

Our per-day fees vary with climber to guide ratio, and with trip length.
climber to guide ratio
4 or more consecutive days
1, 2 or 3 day booking
1:1 ratio
$590 per climber per day
$690 per climber per day
2:1 ratio
$340 per climber per day
$390 per climber per day
3:1 ratio
$250 per climber per day
$290 per climber per day

Please note that different climbs have different maximum climber-to-guide ratios. More difficult routes are typically climbed at a maximum ratio of one-to-one. Easier climbs can often be done with higher ratios. See the "Maximum Ratio" information on the page that describes that particular climb.

Normally we do not pair up climbers who do not already know each other. The 2:1 or 3:1 ratio is for a group of friends (or spouses, of course) who wish to sign up for a trip together.

In addition to the above fees, when we drive our cars, we charge mileage, road, tunnel and parking tolls for trips outside the Chamonix Valley. The mileage rate is 0.30 € per kilometer.

The above fees include expenses for the guide, such as meals, lodging, lifts, hut fees, transport (except mileage and tolls). They do not include these expenses for the climber.

Rescue insurance info

Fees are on a per day basis. Prices are in US $.

*Some programs of a set length that climb several peaks have an established fee for the entire program. See the fees quoted on their corresponding web pages.